My name is Scott Ritchie.  I created this blog to talk about my work.  If you are looking for my code you can see my pages on Launchpad and Github.


I am a software developer.  I prefer Python, and focus on usability and automated testing. The most important projects I work on are Ubuntu and Wine.


I coordinate volunteers for Ubuntu and Wine. I’ve presented at conferences and been the subject of news articles. I hope to use what little fame I have to inspire others. I used to teach, and am available for guest lectures if you’re reasonably near California or some place I’ll be.


I write for fun, mostly nonfiction.  Everything from blog posts to essays to technical documentation to Wikipedia articles. I’ve written professionally in the past but it’s a dying industry.


I have an economics degree, and am strongly interested in voting systems. One day I hope to build something that can be used to help people make everyday collective decisions.


If you require DevOps and Python experience, or Ubuntu and Wine expertise, I am currently available for remote work.  Email me and tell me about your company.