Inaugural Post

Greetings everyone, this is my new blog. I know I already have thousands of readers because it’s syndicated on Planet Ubuntu. So was my old blog, on Livejournal, but I still neglected posting when life got busy.

Why blog?

I work on free software for the same reason I give blood. I enjoy helping others, making a positive change, and not feeling bad about drinking 3 cans of soda before stepping outside.

I help with free software even though I can’t be sure if it’s useful – sometimes you make things worse with buggy code, and sometimes your donated blood is biohazardous waste. Or maybe you save a life, have millions of happy users, and end up enabling billions of dollars in new economic productivity.

The world needs more free software and we can’t expect companies to make all of it. Some will free ride and enjoy the benefits without paying for development. Others will help write free software, but mostly to sell stuff like support contracts and servers; meanwhile, no one’s financing the magical piece of software that doesn’t need support and makes extra servers obsolete.

An old girlfriend once told me that I can write. I believed her, since she can read. By blogging I help tell my readers about how they can help make the world a better place (that is, by being more like me). Some of my readers will find this useful. Others will find it inspiring. Most will find it orange and brown. But that’s what Ubuntu is all about.

Why microblog?

Microblogging is like reading the Onion – 95% of the content is in the headline, so we might as well just have those. Gwibber makes it very easy to do – I can update to Twitter,, and Facebook simultaneously. Real, actual (internet) people can then follow me on Twitter, or on They could even take my real, actual name and search for me on Facebook so we become real, actual eFriends.

OK that’s a bit of a stretch. I only accept friend requests from internet strangers when they’re women who want to marry me for citizenship. Then I make them post their undying love on my wall so I can make my ex girlfriend jealous.

That’s what microblogging is all about. I let the internet know how cool I am. Or, more likely, I haven’t done anything important at all and instead start doing something productive so I can at least tweet about that. If I can’t feel accountable enough to myself to get Ubuntu work done, I can at least feel like I owe something to a handful of internet strangers.

For that reason, I’m going to come out and commit, right here, to a seemingly modest two posts a week. I’ll partially write a few of them ahead of time, and aim to publish on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No one will notice when I finally go on a two week vacation to the Saint John’s Memorial Trauma Center. It’s work, but it’s work on something I love, and it’s time to get serious about it.

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SteveApril 7th, 2009 at 11:46 am

Meh :)

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