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I’ve just come back from the Ubuntu Developer Summit for 9.10, so I’ve got a flurry of things to do and follow up on.  The first priority is to put together the community based on ideas generated during the sessions.

Ubuntu developer Facebook group:

Since it’s so easy to do, I just went ahead and made it myself.  If you’re an Ubuntu developer, and you’re on Facebook, please go ahead and join.  It should make networking easier than talking to a blank IRC channel or trolling Jorge Castro’s friend list.

Planet Feeds by Language rather than country:

This was an idea I had and brought up with Jorge in a hallway conversation.  In Spanish, for example, there are separate Planet Ubuntu feeds for Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, and Colombia.  Doubtlessly some content that users would like to read is being missed.  Similarly, the guy who translates the Ubuntu news into Spanish doesn’t have a specific “all Spanish feeds” place to post it, so it ends up going into the main (otherwise English) feed.

Things get even dicier with mixed languages.  Interesting English content published to the country feeds is often missing from the main feed.  More worrisome, a multilingual country may have to be split into separate language-based content feeds anyway.

I understand the concept behind country-based planet feeds.  There will likely still be a demand for local content anyway, so perhaps they shouldn’t go away.  But language based feeds are still better – they should even be displayed in a list above the country-specific feeds. We are, after all, a global project.

I love Ubuntu video:

Jono Bacon suggested it would be nice if we had members from the community each submit small bits of content that could be compiled artistically into a kickass promotional video.  One idea was to get a whole bunch of people in front of their webcams saying “I Love Ubuntu”.  As soon as I figure out the best standard way to do this (cheese?), I’ll take the initiative and submit my version.

Bonus Karaoke:

Traditionally, the final night of the Ubuntu Developer Summit includes a party.  This one featured Karaoke combined with barroom accoustics, tinny speakers, a cheap microphone, and cell phone video recordings.  Combined, these should render this presentation by Canonical’s community organizers appropriately awful:

I did three renditions myself.  I’m not a horrible singer when playing Rock Band, mainly due to practice.  Still, you don’t want to watch this video.

aside: The bumper sticker above came from the 2008 US Presidential Elections, where Republicans supporting Governor Palin mocked Senator Obama’s experience as a community organizer.

aside to the aside: There was an even better looking bumper sticker that I would have shown and linked, however the website selling it went to very elaborate lengths using javascript and embedded flash to try and prevent me from copying the image.  In other words, they paid a web developer a thousands of dollars to build a system that makes me give someone else free advertising.


PabloMay 31st, 2009 at 7:05 pm

Hello Scott: Regarding the translation of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, you must know that
the translation goes syndicated on almost 30 spanish-speaking weblogs, so you miss the point
here. I am one of the translators, and our effort is hardly missed by the readers. Anyway, it does
no harm if english speaking people notice that our translation in done. I bet there are a lot of
english readers interested in a spanish newsletter, just for the fun of reading in an interesting language. Greetings, Pablo.

MackenzieMay 31st, 2009 at 7:36 pm

Cheese may do stupid things to your computer…like eat your CPU. It takes >100% CPU here to try to record video with Cheese.

Also…I thought the “Religious Right” contained a fair number of Republicans. Aren’t they supposed to…you know…like and/or love Jesus?

LaserJockMay 31st, 2009 at 8:10 pm

I believe the sticker is not from those of us in the “Religious Right”. It’s actually from the liberal/Democratic “Religious Left” to say Christians should love that Obama was a community organizer because that’s what Jesus was, whereas George Bush was a governor. It was also used by the not-so-religious Left to mock the “Religious Right”. In any case, it was a pretty funny way to start such a blog post :-)

ethana2May 31st, 2009 at 8:55 pm

I’d like to say, to Jeff Bailey’s planet ubuntu syndicated post, that OpenID was broken.

YokoZarJune 4th, 2009 at 10:13 am

Pablo: Surely you must recognize that this can’t scale. If the Ubuntu weekly newsletter alone was translated into every language we have a planet for, then literally half the posts on the planetubuntu feed would just be the weekly newsletter.

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